Using the PowerNet for Tee Work

Thursday 16th October 2014

One of the best ways to improve a baseball or softball swing is through the use of a tee.  Because the ball is standing still, it allows the hitter to go through his or her swing, checking to make sure all of the fundamentals are correct.  You are more than welcome to chase balls all across your yard or the baseball/softball diamond, but it is much easier to use a baseball net

Our PowerNet batting nets measure 7x7 and include a pocket in the middle that "catch" all the balls for you.  It can be set-up in just 90 seconds and weighs only 15 lbs.  The PowerNet baseball net is durable and can withstand vigorous use.  One of the perks of a soft toss net is the ability to set it up in your yard or garage.  This gives you the ability to practice regardless if there is a diamond open or if the weather is nice.

The baseball nets or softball nets are set-up directly in front of a tee.  Only one person is required for tee work.  This is great for older youth players who can practice even if dad isn't home.  The main goal of tee work is to work on fundamentals.  With every swing, the hitter should be concentrating on something.  Whether that be footwork, following through or the plane of the bat, hitters should have a target focus in mind.  Through consistent practice using a soft toss net, the correct hitting fundamentals become habit. 

There are a variety of tee hitting drills that can be used with a baseball hitting net or softball hitting net.  The main goal is improving the hitting fundamentals that will improve hitting in game situations. Our PowerNet baseball net gives a player the opportunity to practice tee work away from the field and is a huge advantage in the off-season.