Application Ideas for the PowerNet Baseball Net

Thursday 16th October 2014

While using a baseball net may be self-explanatory, here are a variety of application ideas you may not have thought of to use after purchasing the PowerNet soft toss net


  • Tee Work- Set up the batting net in front of the tee and take advantage of the PowerNet's "opening" net in the center to catch the balls and cut down the amount of time spent picking up baseballs or softballs. 
  • Soft Toss- Set up the baseball net in front of the batter and underhand soft toss from the side.
  • Live Batting Practice or Use With Pitching Machine- Set up the baseball hitting net behind home plate and use it as a backstop during batting practice.  Missed pitches and some foul tips will collect in the baseball net, cutting down on the time required to pick up the balls.  This is great for team practice, where time saved means more reps for each player. 


  • Infield Practice- Set up the PowerNet baseball or softball hitting net behind the desired target base.  Practice fielding ground balls from the player's desired infield position and make an accurate throw into the net at first, second, third, or home base.  The sock pocket in the center of the net is surrounded by a red target outline.  This gives great feedback on the accuracy of the fielder's throws.   Accurate throws will end up in the sock, while inaccurate throws will end up on the outside of the net. 
  • Outfield Practice- Set up the PowerNet soft toss practice net at the desired position to work on throws from the outfield on a hit or tag-up pop-fly situation.  Once again, the soft toss baseball net acts as a target for throws to a base or cut-off man.  The red target area in the center of the net is a great judge on accuracy. 
  • Ball Gatherer for Coaches- Anyone that has coached knows the difficulty in hitting balls to the infield and outfield...there's no one to catch the throws to get the balls back in your hands.  Set up a PowerNet baseball net to the side of you and have your players make accurate throws into the net.  Once you cycle through the available baseballs, you can quickly reach into the net and get more instead of having to round them up from all across the diamond. 
  • Backstop for Catchers Practicing Blocking- Set up a PowerNet softball net behind home plate.  Throw wild pitches into the dirt for the catcher to block.  When it's time to pick up the balls that got past the catcher, they will be conveniently in front of the net instead of scattered randomly in the grass and along the fence. 


  • Target- Set up the PowerNet baseball net behind home plate to act as a catcher.  This gives a pitcher the ability to practice different pitches and accuracy by his or herself.  One of the great features of the PowerNet is the sock in the center of the net, surrounded by a red target. This gives pitchers a strike zone to aim for and is a great indicator of accuracy not only immediately, but to judge the accuracy of an entire throwing session.   Accurate throws will end up in the sock, while inaccurate throws will end up on the outside of the net.