How a PowerNet Baseball Hitting Net Can Improve Your Skills?

Thursday 16th October 2014

Parents often believe taking their child to batting cages or throwing pitches to them will make their child a better hitter.  Not only is this not true, it can actually make things worse.  Bad habits will continue to hurt a player's hitting until the swing is corrected, and hitting "live" pitches only reinforces a player's bad habits.  If you really want to improve your child's swing, it is much more beneficial to use a baseball net or softball net and learn the correct fundamentals through soft toss or tee work.

Our PowerNet batting nets are durable, portable, and easy to set-up.  They provide a great way to practice baseball or softball both inside and outside.  The main difference between hitting "live" pitches and using a soft toss net is the ability to concentrate on fundamentals.  Making contact with a baseball thrown to you is hard enough without having a list of fundamentals to concentrate on.  By using a tee or hitting soft toss into a baseball net, it gives the hitter time to focus on swinging correctly and not having to worry about where the ball goes. 

There are numerous drills that your child can use to improve their hitting using a baseball batting net or softball batting net.  One of the great benefits of our PowerNet is the ability to practice at home.  Let's face it.  Our schedules are tight as it is and after a long day at work, there's little time to take our kids to the diamond or batting cage.  A PowerNet can be set up right in your yard or garage and allows you to fit in practice time, even if you only have 30 minutes.  The PowerNet baseball hitting net or softball hitting net can be set-up in less than 2 minutes. 

While "live" batting practice does have its benefits, success starts with the right fundamentals and habits.  The best way to learn the correct habits is by using batting nets.  Practicing the proper hitting technique time and time again using a soft toss net will become habit and improve your child's hitting in games.  The portability of being able to set-up a hitting net in the yard or garage gives your child a distinct advantage over the rest of the players who only practice their swing on the field.  A PowerNet is an investment a young hitter will use for years to come.