What's the Advantage of A PowerNet Baseball Net Over Other Baseball Nets?

Thursday 25th September 2014

A quick search for "baseball batting nets" will give you results for a wide variety of different types of nets.  There's batting cage nets, rebound nets, pop-up nets...the list could go on and on with other variations.  So why the PowerNet soft toss net?  Flexibility, portability/ease of use, and price.

One of the greatest attributes of the PowerNet baseball net is its flexibility.  Most baseball nets or softball nets on the market are only good for practicing one aspect of the sport.  Batting cages are for practicing hitting, rebound nets for improving throwing/fielding, and pitching nets for practicing pitching.  But the PowerNet soft toss practice net turns the benefits of multiple different types of nets into one.  With the PowerNet baseball net, you can practice tee work or soft toss; however, you can also pitch into it utilizing its "red target" area in the center, which acts as a strike zone.  Lastly, you can also set-up our baseball or softball hitting nets behind first, second, third, or home base to act as a target when working on fielding.  There may be baseball nets or softball nets batting nets that excel in one area, but how many are there that you can use to improve multiple aspects of your game?  The PowerNet's versatility makes it stand out as one of the best baseball nets on the market. 

A batting cage can be a great tool for team practice, but it's not going anywhere.  One it's set-up, there's no taking it down without a whole lot of time and effort.  Not only is this a disadvantage when it comes to use, but it also deteriorates the net much quicker.  A net that is exposed to the elements 7 days a week is going to break down faster, and the metal will start rusting before too long.  Even soft toss batting nets that claim to be portable can be very difficult to set up.  They either take a long time to set-up or you spend more time than you have trying to fold up the net just right to get it to fit into the carry bag.  You can both set-up and take down the PowerNet with ease.  It sets up in less than 2 minutes.  There are no straps to tighten or difficult diagrams to read on how to fold up the net.  It is as simple as disconnecting a few steel and fiberglass poles and folding up the net.  The PowerNet is also very light weight.  Weighing just 15 lbs, this is a batting net that you can take with you wherever you go and practice at a moment's notice. 

Would you willingly spend $50 or more for the same product if you had the choice?  We didn't think so, which is why we set our price much lower than the competition.  The PowerNet hitting net is built with the same durable, long-lasting construction as the leading competitors and comes with the same great features, but is priced at just $97.  The construction and features of the net alone put it among the top nets on the market, but at under $100, it truly moves it right to the top.  Similar nets have a starting price at over $150.  The PowerNet gives you the best value for your money.