PowerNet Fast Pass Dual Side Rebounder Soccer Trainer 6' x 4'

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  • GET PERFECT PASSES - Master quick or slow passes with this trainer. The ball returns right back to you, letting you set up the next pass. You can work on soft passes to the chest or hard passes to the feet, this soccer trainer can take anything you kick at it.
  • PERFECT YOUR FIRST TOUCH - The trainer returns the ball to you perfectly, so you can work on your first touch. It helps train you to think about your next move once you receive the ball. Work on any type of ball control. Whether you need to work on chest trapping or heading a ball to the feet, this trainer was made for that. It also helps you work on quick touches to the feet.
  • DUAL TRAINING SURFACE - With a training surface of 6ft x 4ft you can both sides of the trainer. The front is made so you can work on volleys and returns from the knee to the head. The back is for your ground game and passing or receiving anything below the knees.
  • TRAIN SOLO OR TEAM TRAINING - The net is perfect to use while training alone. It helps you work on your passing whenever you want to whether alone at home or any training area. It is also great for team practices. It is fully collapsible and folds quickly and easily for instant setup and easy portability. It can be stored in the included heavy-duty zipper carrying bag for easy long-term storage and can be transported in almost any vehicle.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY - We ensure that all products arrive without defects. Our frames, metal, and composite parts are covered with a 1-year warranty.

The PowerNet Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer is made to help you work on passing mastery. The trainer returns the ball to you perfectly and helps you work on your first touch. You can use both sides of the trainer to help with different types of scenarios. It is the perfect tool to use by yourself or as a team. Includes a zippered carrying bag with straps and ground stakes.

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PowerNet Fast Pass Dual Side Rebounder Soccer Trainer 6' x 4'    $99.99

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