PowerNet Fast Pass Dual-Side Rebounder Training Net + 6x4 Goal + Defender Mannequin + Solo Trainer for Soccer Bundle

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  • GET PERFECT PASSES - Master quick or slow passes with this trainer. The ball returns right back to you, letting you set up the next pass. You can work on soft passes to the chest or hard passes to the feet, this soccer trainer can take anything you kick at it.
  • ONE 6' x 4' GOAL - Portable collapsible soccer net that has a metal base frame and fiberglass vertical bow style poles. Includes a portable 6' by 4' goal, ground stakes, bungee and a heavy duty zipper carrying bag with shoulder straps.
  • 77" x 23” DEFENDER – The PowerNet Portable Defender training mannequin replicates a real life defender and lets you visualize your opponent. Use multiple defenders to simulate different scenarios such as a double team or a wall.
  • SOCCER SOLO TRAINER - The ball stays close no matter how hard it's kicked. It has an adjustable waistband and can fit on almost anyone. The attached flexible rubber rope makes the ball easy to collect, wasting less time chasing balls.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY - We ensure that all products arrive without defects. Our frames, metal, and composite parts are covered with a 1-year warranty.

The PowerNet Soccer Training Net Bundle has all the tools you need to master your soccer skills. It includes the PowerNet Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer which is made to help you work on passing mastery. The trainer returns the ball to you perfectly and helps you work on your first touch. Also included is the PowerNet 6'x 4' Soccer Goal, a favorite among travel and recreational soccer leagues in the country. It is a light and portable soccer net that is perfect for younger soccer players. It has a metal steel base frame and fiberglass bow style poles that bow and bend with the net. We've also thrown in a PowerNet Defender that can be placed anywhere on the field to act as an opposing challenger while working on developmental drills. Lastly, we've included the PowerNet Soccer Solo Trainer which pulls the ball back to you no matter how hard you kick it. Practice any type of kick, punt, throw in, or goalkeeper throw.

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PowerNet Fast Pass Dual-Side Rebounder Training Net + 6x4 Goal + Defender Mannequin + Solo Trainer for Soccer Bundle    $234.99

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