Sponsorship Program

Sports Teams Sponsorship Information Page

We understand the insanity of being a part of a travel team nowadays. From finding a way to get to a tournament that’s far away, to sports equipment that isn’t cheap, your team likely needs financial help. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to raise additional funds for your team with Powernet Sports.


Powernet team sponsorships offers huge savings towards new Powernet products for your team or organization to fundraise with and use for team training. Qualified teams will gain access to 30-50% off of our entire product line. In addition, sponsored teams will have their social media content reposted on the Powernet Instagram’s account. Team will see an increase in your team’s visibility to a much wider audience, which includes college scouts, coaches, and new potential teammates. Finally, Powernet will first ask Sponsor teams to attend events with our MLB and Softball athletes.


Powernet believes that much of life's lessons are gained through team sports and with the proper motivation and confidence, players become great on and off the field, so don’t wait and let us know about your team! Stop spending hard earn cash and contact us about a sponsorship!


If your team is interested in becoming a PowerNet sponsored team, please submit the following information. Email address is sponsorship@powernetinc.net

1.   Team name, home location (zip code) and contact information.
2.   The general history of the current team.
3.   A color picture attached to the email of the team.
4.   Teams past tournament achievements.
5.   Teams current sponsors
6.   Add any additional information that you feel makes your team unique.

***Please only submit once, and understand that we do receive a large amount of inquiries.  We may not be able to reply to all requests.***