Why Buy Our PowerNet Baseball Net?

Calling all my fellow coaches out there. I don't know what you like to use as tools of the trade, but I like to keep it pretty simple. Bats, balls, helmets are really all you need. Other than that my main piece of gear that I can't live without as a coach is my PowerNet Baseball Net. PowerNet Baseball Nets and PowerNet Softball nets are a simple yet effective tool that maximizes time and efficiency for coaches to use at every practice session for any age group.

There are several baseball nets for coaches available on the market, some that are more specifically designed as batting nets and some that are better as soft toss nets. I prefer the PowerNet Baseball and Softball Net because they can easily function as both a baseball/softball soft toss net or a batting net. Actually, it comes in handy anywhere on the field that you need an extra player to catch or stop thrown balls. I simply set the baseball net up anywhere would I normally would need a catcher or player to receive throws.

In my opinion, there are several innovative and creative aspects to the PowerNet Baseball Net design that make it stand out from competitors. Sturdiness, ease of set up, flexibility, weight, convenience and versatility is what makes the PowerNet one of the best baseball nets on the market.

Because our Baseball Net is made with quality products and materials, you'll never need to think about buying another net ever again. PowerNet's baseball nets can handle hard use because it's built to flex with impact. Let's face it, kids can be clumsy and sometimes careless. The specially designed flexible rods and the sturdily built net will stand the test of time with your young kids.

Our baseball net is easily set up in just 90 seconds. Other soft toss nets are big, bulky and heavy and are a pain in the neck to lug around. Also, because most practice or soft toss nets are so big and heavy, you have no choice but to leave them at the field where it susceptible to the elements. No one likes working with a nasty, rusty baseball or softball hitting net.

PowerNet's baseball nets are only 15 lbs and are easily collapsible and flexible. I easily throw mine in the back of truck so I always have it with me. This is especially helpful for me to be able to practice with my son at home in our backyard. I sometimes recommend to parents who want to get their kids some extra practice to purchase a PowerNet baseball net for home use.

One of the most time consuming parts of practice is having to fetch balls that are overthrown or that aren't caught. That's where the "Big Red Target" part comes in. PowerNet's baseball nets come with a large concave pouch in the center of the net to catch and collect the balls for you. No more chasing! Our Baseball Net's center pocket is outlined with red stitching that resembles the size of the average strike zone which makes it a great tool for allowing pitchers to work on their location, ball placement and general strike throwing ability. My daughter is a softball pitcher who likes to get some extra repetitions at home between practices. We simply set her up with a bucket of balls and use the PowerNet Softball Net in the backyard as a makeshift catcher.

Our PowerNet Baseball Nets can act as catcher in practice scenarios with the entire team too. With only 13 kids on my roster who all have different obligations and commitments, it's hard to get everyone on the field at the same time. So it's more then helpful to have this gadget nearby to take the place of a warm body behind the plate.

Coach T